At night in bars with Burmese girls

Entertainment with Burmese Girls
Nightlife hotspots with Myanmar Girls are mainly the former capital Yangon plus Muse at the Chinese Border and Keng Tung. But since most people arrive in Yangon (Mandalay is almost a dead end) let's explore the tropical nights of Yangon.

Burmese Girls & sexy entertainment Entertainment in Yangon among other are in Chinatown around Theingizay with Zero Zone Rock restaurant and a couple of bars and nightclubs on the floors below.

The Palace and Emperor Disco on the other side of the road and lounges where young women are waiting.
 Although most of this night hot spots in Myanmar are rotten they have plenty of gorgeous young women who just wait for the big spender, maybe you? At first visiting, this nightclubs, bars, and lounges. it could be shocking since we are used in a cleaner and better-shaped environment but now it is like that, Rome also wasn't built in a day, here is more about Myanmar and hot nightlife.
Another bar/club cluster is at Ahlone…

Street Food at night in Yangon

Many Myanmar people use street food day and night
The food is quick and cheap, most popular are chicken and pork skewer, stay away from seafood and everything in form of balls and dumplings. The pictures here are from around Mahabandoola and 19th street.

After it gets dark the most popular places are the open air eateries in Chinatown where they also have some guys playing guitar and slowly walking between the tables.
Street Food at Yangon StreetThe breeze from the Andaman Se ha pushes away the remains of the heat of the day some beer is running down the throat and maybe some more nightlife is enjoyed in one of the bars and nightclubs around.

Basically, if you like it modern style with a local flavor have a look at Ahlon Road's Yangon International and Summit Parkview Hotel, Shangri-La, Sedona, Inya Lake, Central Hotel and around there are also a good choice.

Other places are mainly on the western side with the same food you get anywhere. You won't travel to Myanmar to eat a …