Nightlife in Yangon Myanmar

Although Yangon Myanmar (Burma) is quite a rotten place at night the famous Burmese Girls are for sure a highlight by themselves. Soft beauties open for sexy games all night long enjoy the "good old orient" before western "culture" will wipe it out.

At night in bars with Burmese girls

Entertainment with young Asian women.

Nightlife hot spots are Yangon, MandalayMuse at the Chinese border and Kengtung north of Chiang Mai
In Yangon among other are Chinatown around Theingizay with Zero Zone Rock restaurant and a couple of bars and nightclubs on the floors below, the Palace and Emperor Disco on the other side and some other lounges.
Although most of this night hot spots in Myanmar are rotten they have plenty of gorgeous young women who just wait for the big spender, maybe you? At first visiting, this nightclubs, bars and lounges. it could be shocking since we are used in a cleaner and better-shaped environment but now it is like that, Rome also wasn't built in a day, here is more about Myanmar and hot nightlife.

Another cluster is at Ahlone Road and close to Kandawgyi Lake around Mingalar Market with Asia Entertainment and JJ. This is mainly girls pick up places where every evening up to fifty girls is around. In this buildings are several more karaoke bars or KTV.

Some more nightclubs are here:

Asian butterflies and myanmar nightlife show girls

Fashion shows in the night are a way to entertain and to make contact the system is simple, the ladies show what they have, they guy buy some flower garlands and she comes. More is negotiable it needs to tell that it only works when both have the same destination, read more.

Power Light is more or less a restaurant with a nightclub theme similar to Zero Zone Rock Restaurant in Chinatown, more about this further below.
At this three cities are plenty of nightclubs, discos, karaoke bars, restaurants and fusion venues which mean a combination of everything indicated. 

Pubs and similar are in all bigger hotels in downtown Yangon which are just the same as anywhere in Asia if a traveler wants to find a companion check the places indicated on our website. You don't want to hang around the whole evening in the hotel bar, don't you? The whole here reminds very much to nightlife in Phnom Penh although the ladies are more attractive in Yangon.

Myanmar nightlife girls in action

What to do at night in Myanmar? Go to sleep? Watch video? Something better could be to have a great dinner visiting a nightclub and topping all this would be a close encounter with a beautiful Burmese girl and that is no as difficult if you know where to go at night, read more.

Amusement in the nightFashion show in the night are another amusement, just buy some "flower" for the pretty one you like and she will join you. The whole is not as streamlined but everything is slowly improving in particular since people start investing into the nightclub business. Before everything was very roughly made but it is visible that it is advancing rapidly but unfortunately there are still enough people who block advancements which slow the pace, read more.
Others even invent new stuff like internet censorship on nightlife business subjects. Just look how many youtube clips about local activities in the night are blocked which have absolute nothing worth to censor since not showing any skin etc.
Myanmar Model GirlsA unique version of night entertainment is model girls. They work the night shift at restaurants, bars and nightclubs making some kind of fashion shows to entertain the guests. Some karaoke singing is included and maybe a bit come together with some guys if the "chemistry" fits somehow, read more.

On a trip to Yangon, not much can go wrong except the electricity breaks down or you eat some street food which brings you right into a clinic. If you are after the pretty young women who are there waiting for you (yes, no joke) you are at the right place at a suitable time. 
Unfortunately, the country was destroyed first by some brutal colonists and after by some mad communists all this were the sources of the current problems. People just must find alternative ways to get income. It's easy to say this is not good by some fat western good-doers who don't know what's going on.

Other Burmese nightlife spots in town are.

The Kipling Bar at the Governor’s Residence (35 Taw Win Road, phone 229869) is all colonial style in a tropical setting including the pool around the main building.

gallery bar
Gallery bar
Gallery Bar at Shangri-La Sule Hotel (223 Sule Pagoda Road, phone 242828) is a place to feel good, happy hour is from 5-9 pm, want to do it the local style there are more options.
Since there is a new mood in town with plenty foreigners moving in trying to make a cut there is plenty of stuff to do in the night. The divide is, as before, go local or the big hotels. If foreigners are involved usually prices are relatively high.

Here are some other places in down town and some mix it with a different theme such as art, Pandsodan Gallery, 286 Pansodan St, mobile 9 513 0846, an art gallery in an old building with some add on.

Strand Hotel bar
Strand Hotel bar
The bar in the Strand Hotel is open from 5-11pm, it’s a stylish place with the highest prices in town  but what they bring won’t match the price. The worst of this place is the road it is located on, that’s the harbor road with an endless stream of stinky trucks passing by.

In the Sedona Hotel,  1 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, phone: 6563388944, a bit off the center are some excellent restaurants and a pub downstairs, a nice place if you want to hang out at one location where everything is around in excellent style.

Savoy Hotel in Yangon
Savoy Hotel in Yangon
At Windermere TS is the Savoy Hotel, 129, Dhammazedi Road, phone 526289, a small de luxe location all in teak and an excellent atmosphere, they have German beer and local one.

inya1 bar yangon
Inya 1 bar Yangon
Inya 1 Restaurant & Bar, 1, Inya Road, phone 527506, ( this is not at the Inya Lake Hotel which is further to the north). It’s a bit difficult if you don’t have your own car, taxis are not many there and if they are they know they have a leverage to push up prices. On the other side, taxis are quite cheap so it won’t matter much.

50th Street Bar and Grill, phone 397 060, with live music at weekends and a western style  menu and drinks.

At the rooftop of the Alfa Hotel, 41 Nawaday St, phone 377960, is the Sapphire Bar & Lounge with a great Shwedagon Pagoda view, the hotel itself is a bit rotten but for an evening at the bar quite suitable.
To make the list try Zero Zone Rock Restaurant (check the menu at left) at Tengyzey in Chinatown, that is probably the best local flavor if you like some entertainment, a little food from the buffet and pretty ladies doing the catwalk Myanmar style.

Browsing bars in the city you come automatically somehow in touch with the pretty 2 leg butterflies here is something about it. This automatically leads to the theme prostitution, read more.

On a nightlife tour be very careful when eating something, first, don’t eat anything at the open air restaurants in Chinatown at street level, you will regret it a few hours later.

A great place for a quiet evening maybe with some friends or a girl you like is My Garden Restaurant and Music Lounge.

Myanmar nightlife and feeling hungry.

Simple buffet style food at entertainment try Zero Zone, between 8 pm and 10 pm with fashion shows and sometimes exotic dancing usually on weekends. This place has not 5 stars from Michelin, ok not even one but some decent food with an oriental touch and very important, you won't get sick. The country still has to overcome 60 years of communist madness and one ruler who was mentally sick so its not so easy. 

Zero Zone Rock restaurant
Yangon nightlife Entertainment Ladies
Yangon entertainment girls

In the same building are half a dozen more crossover nightclubs with karaoke girls entertainment and fashion shows. At the opposite side of the road are some more hot spots among other are palace and emperor disco which are a bit run down but they have very pretty girls, it needs to come before 8 pm otherwise they are gone, read more.

Myanmar nightlife at Theingizay ( Theingyi Zay) in Chinatown

Here are two game and gambling halls packed full with various machines.
Yangon Chinatown local style dinner

Local dinner is available at street level at Theingyi Zay and bit further up Mahabandoola Road are small eateries local style mainly BBQ chicken on skewer and seafood, read more.
This is Yangon Chinatown as usual anywhere in the world, it cant match Singapore Casinos but its a good start, here they only have machines no blackjack, roulette or similar, the thing is they try to do something which is maybe illegal or not, it depends on the current mood of some people, so it needs a low profile, read more.

One of the most amazing things in this area is there is no Chinese writing anywhere, this is somehow strange since this is Chinatown.

Nightclub show in Chinatown

Yangon show girls
Yangon shows girls

Plenty of street food in small restaurants is available.

Unfortunately, the hygienic standards are real poor, just look at the pictures, they don't put the seafood on ice and let them lay around for several days which is certainly the direct direction into food poisoning considering the high tropical temperature.

Street Food in Yangon
It needs a government to educated the people because they simply don't know and are totally ignorant of this case. In this area and in particular at Maha Bandoola and the side roads such as 19th street at  are plenty also check the pictures.

It looks a bit like Khao San Road in Bangkok. But as indicated more early be extremely careful when eating any street food which at a first glance looks quite good but the probability that you end up with a stomach problem is very high. 
Imagine leaving the fish, meat etc. laying around in the high temperature without ice. On top of it how long it is probably already around elsewhere that's a sure problem, have a look here.

Yangon Street Food at Maha Bandoola
Yangon Street Food

Yangon nightlife in Chinatown
Yangon nightlife in Chinatown

Burmese nightlife shopping
Burmese Nightlife 

At the International and Summit Parkview Hotel.

These places have one edge over the other elsewhere in the city, they are new and professionally designed, not this often very "homemade" quick and cheap stuff. 
On the other hand, prices are higher there since somewhere the money spent must come in again. There are always some gorgeous Burmese girls for entertainment around. 

There is a Black Canyon Restaurant there, I got very sick two times, what they have is less than junk. It seems as if they get this stuff frozen from Thailand but don't know how to handle that.

Pioneer Music Lounge and Disco
Dagon Bar in the Summit Parkview Hotel
Dagon Bar in the Summit 
Parkview Hotel with live music

The address is, no.330, Ahlone Road, Tel: 951-216001 and Summit Parkview are plenty of activities in the night with several nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and crossover, read more about Ahlone Road night entertainment.

This place is currently, together with Chinatown, the night center of the city where everything is  available, although 
there are young women for pickup, but for this the best is JJ and Asia Entertainment. There are also some interesting restaurants around such as Singapore Kitchen, a Indian one another. The whole is a good place to kick off the night and even stay around for later since everything needed is there inclusive the "butterflies" in the disco and the bar, read more.

Around the International and Summit Parkview Hotel
Around the International and Summit Parkview Hotel
This is very close to the Shwedagon pagoda, actually, you can see the pagoda in the distance almost from any angle.

At the other side of Ahlone Road.

My Garden Music Lounge Yangon
My Garden Music Lounge
My Garden Music Lounge Singer Yangon
My Garden Music Lounge Singer
There is a nice, rather old fashioned music lounge and restaurant, this is "My garden" the place is quite large, has a pleasant atmosphere, plays great life music and is not expensive at all although the environment and decoration are very contemporary. 

If you like it the quiet comfortable way this is the place to go, no "monkey" business and no fashion show, its just relax and have a good time, I've seen plenty of similar places in Bali.

Nightlife Girls Power Light Yangon
Power Light Dancing
Nightlife at Power Light Yangon

A bit northeast from here close to Kandawgyi Lake are some more nightlife spots, this is Powerlight Entertainment with plenty of ladies, some are pretty some are not, but this is nothing new, it's nature. There are some dancing and singing, luckily no karaoke girls, the ladies really sing without a monitor, that a real improvement, read more.

Power Light Entertainment Show
Power Light Entertainment Ladies

Just go on an adventure trip, buy them some flower garlands, that's the reason they are here. They will sit down with you and let's see what happen, maybe there is a magic touch and she will follow you, who knows.

At Asia Entertainment City and JJ Entertainment.

JJ Entertainment Yangon
JJ and Asia Entertainment 
Burmese nightclub models
Burmese nightclub models

This is probably the hottest nightlife in the city is at Asia Entertainment City and JJ, these places are run by the former boss of Asia Plaza Disco which was closed down in 2010, they did a good relaunch in a much bigger way. JJ has a good disco with around 100 - 200 people every night and at least three-quarter of them are pretty Burmese girls who try to dance the evening through, yes it's the evening only because at around midnight the curtains are going down. 

Actually, this won't mean that this is the end of a pleasure night since most have a mission and that is trying to find a guy and get some money. The economic situation is not good at all for about 95% of the people, they have to get creative.

Naturally, the people running the fun in the night have their biggest clients in focus, this are naturally Asian guys and they like karaoke, that's the top activity after around 8 pm. Plenty of pretty women spices it up, among other with karaoke and KTV.

myanmar karaoke
Karaoke and ktv are popular with men

nightclub and karaoke
Nightclub and karaoke at Yangon

nightclub and karaoke
Pretty ladies for entertainment 

Some more nightclub entertainment pictures.

myanmar nightlife ladies in the after eight business
Young Myanmar ladies in the after eight business

attractive myanmar model girls
Attractive model girls

Yangon nightlife girls
Yangon nightlife girls

Myanmar nightclub show
Nightclub show
sexy burmese show
Sexy Burmese girls

sexy nightclub show

sexy nightclub show
Sexy nightclub show

burmese nightlife show
Burmese nightlife ladies
sexy nightclub show in yangon
Nightlife show in Yangon

oriental beauty

Street Food

Many Myanmar people use street food day and night.

The food is quick and cheap, most popular are chicken and pork skewer, stay away from seafood and everything in form of balls and dumplings. The pictures here are from around Mahabandoola and 19th street. 

After it gets dark the most popular places are the open air eateries in Chinatown where they alsoave some guys playing guitar and slowly walking between the tables. The breeze from the Andaman Se ha pushes away the remains of the heat of the day some beer is running down the throat and maybe some more nightlife is enjoyed in one of the bars and nightclubs around.

Basically, if you like it modern style with a local flavor have a look at Ahlon Road's Yangon International and Summit Parkview Hotel, Shangri-La, Sedona, Inya Lake, Central Hotel and around there are also a good choice.

open air restaurant in Chinatown
Open air restaurant in Chinatown

Other place are mainly on the western side with the same food you get anywhere. You wont travel to Myanmar to eat a steak made from imported meat, wont you? Also local style fast food is available see the pics below.
Yangon restaurant and street food in Chinatown
Yangon restaurant and 
street food in Chinatown
Yangon street food in Chinatown
Yangon street food in Chinatown

Street foods are very popular throughout the world where the people can spend some money on ready-made foodstuff manly for people living in the urban areas because the price is low. What people don’t understand is how you want to get quality food with low costs, that won’t work but there is not more cash available, many people also eat local fruits such as oranges from Shan Sate.

Vegetarian eat oranges from Shan State
Vegetarian eat oranges  from Shan State
quick and ready made on the the gas cooker
Quick and ready made 
on the the gas cooker

But the real problem with food in Myanmar is the poor standard in hygienic, 

it is a puzzle to me why the government don’t do some education on this subject. They have some good TV education about how to behave on the road. Interestingly their neighbor Thailand has no education at all with the result of one of the highest accident rate on the globe.

snacks and other dishes
Snacks and other dishes
open air restaurant at night
Open air restaurant at night

Dozens varieties of snacks and dishes are around for the hungry but it seems that unless KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc. are moving in there won’t be any improvements on hygienic standards. Consumers of roadside foods often suffer from many bacterial diseases because of that. The safest thing to spoil you visit is eat seafood from this places.

chicken and sea food for sale
Chicken and sea food for sale
The master chef and BBQ
The master chef and BBQ

Related nighttime pictures

yangon nightlife pictures with fruits
Yangon nightlife pictures with fruits
some night snacks pictures from the city
Some night snacks pictures 
from the city